Quindío has always been surprised by its vertiginous progress, its architecture and harmonious development, many call its capital, Armenia "the Miracle City". The charisma and warmth of its people is one of its main characteristics and attractions. Beautiful country houses, typical of the region, accommodate excellent services and comfortable rooms, to enjoy as a resting place or as a place to meet and explore the great wonders of the Coffee Region


Located in the center of the western region of the Colombian territory, in a small valley formed by the termination of a strong contraction that emerges from the central mountain range. With a warm climate and the conformation of the soils, it also offers a variety of vegetation and landscape coverage, enhancing the municipality of Pereira with a very rich Biodiversity In the rural area of ​​Pereira there is a wide range of tourist accommodation, almost all with swimming pool, area of games, ecological trails and conference rooms that allow integration in family or business meetings and business training.






For its beauty and for its friendly people it is called the "City of the Open Doors", In addition for its main product, coffee is the "Coffee Capital of the World". Manizales is projected as a new, modern, competitive and progressive city. It is part of the beautiful and renowned Colombian Coffee Triangle.