We have a comprehensive personalized car rental service with driver for tourist and corporate transportation ensuring compliance, comfort and security in different cities of Colombia.


We have excellent agreements with national and international hotel chains in the main cities of Colombia, having a wide range of accommodation possibilities.


Our services are backed by personnel specialized in Guianza, responsible, committed and certified under Colombian law.

A & B

We offer a diversity of gastronomic options during tourist activities, according to the taste of the tourists, trying to highlight our gastronomic tradition.


Events & Experiences

Taking a tour or an activity related to learning the cultural and historical aspects of a community nowadays becomes experiences, since each person is materially and intellectually involved in the development of our tourist activities.

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About Us

About Us

We are a professional team of large trajectory in the tourism market. Our principal aimed is bring to know the wonderful landscapes that has Colombia, offering the tourist innovating service, in special the holiday tourism with the high quality standards. We have the necessary structure to provide tourism service of great level, having excellent hoteliers agreements in the meaning cities of Colombia, likewise we have a team of professional certified guides, bilingual guides and new age transportation, specially for to provide comfort to tourist.

Our Mission

Provide tourist services with the highest level of responsibility, ensuring the satisfaction of our tourists and tour operators. Contributing to development sustainable tourism, through the innovate tourist programs, outstanding the natural, cultural and social richness of our country.

Our Vision

We´ll the tour operator agency more recognized in Colombia. It represents contribute unforgettable experiences, where the tourist is our principal source of inspiration.

Our Team

Sustainability Policy

Certification in Tourism Sustainability

Green Travel DMC, as tour operators, we are committed to improving and protecting environmental, socio-cultural and economic aspects that may be affected in the daily work, through the management and compliance with the different programs in the field of sustainability.
We are aware of the need to protect the environment, for this we promote actions for the preservation of natural resources, protection of flora and fauna species and proper waste management.
We appropriate the traditions, culture, and history of our country by disclosing truthful information about tourist attractions and always including cultural, historical and natural wealth in the different destinations in the development of plans, guaranteeing its conservation, promotion and responsible use.
We involve local suppliers in each destination and the different communities of artisans, peasants and other cultural groups in the development of our services, complying with fair hiring and commercial agreements, rejecting the hiring and exploitation of minors and the discrimination or exclusion of vulnerable populations.
Our work team works in an optimal, pleasant and safe environment under the Colombian regulations on Health and Safety at work and they also have the necessary work and training tools for their personal and work development in conjunction with the development of the company.

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